"Sigh No More" (2009) by Mumford & Sons

Everyone else is talking about it, so why can’t I? First off, I have to applaud Mumfy and his sons for introducing the banjo into pop music, not many groups are capable of such an immense feat.

Mumford and Sons are a folk group, to the genre’s roots. This is what folk music is. So I’m still fucking (I’m allowed to say that word, right? They said it) amazed that such a group achieved such huge commercial popularity. Say what you want, Triple J-listeners, you count as commercial too.

This record is full of epic vocal chants, banjo, drums being played by the singer/guitarist, banjo, breakdowns, banjo, banjo, and banjo. No, there isn’t more banjo than anything else, it just stands out so much because we’re so not used to hearing banjo in a popular record. I don’t mean to insult them but, however much banjo they seem to use, it’s still a decent folk record. There are some especially lovely tracks, such as the huge-mega-single “Little Lion Man” and “Gave You All”.

The melodies are sweet, the beats are rocking and heavy. Yes, there are ‘beats’, even if it’s not a hip hop album. Get over it. In the end, Sigh No More is a necessity if you like other recent folk acts like Laura Marling and Noah & The Whale. And banjo.

Choice tracks: Little Lion Man; Gave You All; Thistle And Weeds; The Cave


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