"Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky" (2010) by OK Go

Boasting the coolest artwork I’ve seen for a very, very long time, OK Go’s third album is a massive change from the pop-rock style of their second, Oh No. But does it work?

Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky impressed me upon first glance, in heaps of ways. ‘Hey, they spelt colour with a u!’; ‘Hey, that album art is reeeeeally cool!’; and ‘Hey, it’s produced by Dave Fridmann! Fricking awesome!’. And it didn’t fail to impress when I actually listened to it. For starters, I’m sure that their record label wasn’t too fond of the idea of their lead single being in 5/4 time, but they did it anyway, and it’s an awesome, awesome song.

The first song that really hit me when I listened was “This Too Shall Pass”. It’s just a good song. Well written, well performed, and massive thumbs up to Mr. Fridmann behind the production desk – you can tell that he’s the Flaming Lips’ producer, and the influences that that’s had on OK Go. The drumming on this track especially… wow. It just encapsulates everything that is awesome about the world. This track is loud, charming, uplifting and absolutely sublime.

But the album doesn’t stop there. It continues on for just short of an hour, but never lets go of your attention. OK Go has done an awesome job on this album – their first few may have been good pop albums, but Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky really is simply an amazing alternative, space rock album. Full of thick, heavy bass lines, distortion filled drumming, and great melodies, it really is a good release. Especially, and I never thought I’d say this about a pop band, for Flaming Lips fans. Lets hope they can keep up this quality of music.



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