Half-Life 2 on OS X

A new trailer appeared on Steam today. Because it was a trailer and had something to do with HL2, I nearly came in my pants, assuming we’d finally got a teaser trailer for Episode Three. Alas, it was not to be. While it doesn’t interest me (as a non-Mac user), HL2 is coming to OS X today. The trailer is a very clever parody of the classic Orwellian style Mac ad, featuring Alyx smashing a huge TV screen giving orders to the masses by throwing a crowbar into it.

I want to play HL2 again now. Sadly, studies are in the way 😦 how I miss the holidays. If you have a Mac, you must buy HL2. Now. Now now now. Your life will never be the same after playing it. In the meantime, I’ll wait like a crazed fanboy for the announcement of Episode Three.


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