Half-Life 2 and Episode One now have Achievements

Damn you, Valve. Seriously, damn you. I was resisting the urge to play your silly little games because I had school work to do. Well, what do you go and do to me? You give the game achievements. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and you do it the weekend before I have an assignment due. Now, I have one goal and one goal only – get those fucking achievements.

You have me wrapped around your finger, Valve. Now I’m not so sure if I’m ready for an Episode Three – sure, it’d be awesome, but I think that, if it were announced, my head would explode and I would be dead.

For everyone else’s interest, HL2 is now on special for $6.99 on Steam. Sure, not as good as the special that I saw when I bought every single HL and HL2 game for $17.99 (from memory). The episodes are going for $5.59 each. Oh, and to round it off, if you want them all then why not just buy the Orange Box, on special for $20.99? That way you get all the HL2 games, as well as TF2 which is awesome and Portal too, if you didn’t get it when it was being given away. All those games for such a small price? My advice, to everyone, BUY NOW.


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