DayZ creator to sit with Bohemia at E3


Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve all heard the buzz about DayZ – the fantastic community-made alpha zombie apocalypse mod which PC Gamer described as “gaming’s best story machine”. We’ve all watched in awe as Arma II, a mediocre-reviewed, full-price, two year old shooter shot its way to number one in the Steam top sellers chart, propelled solely by the word of mouth popularity of DayZ.

I won’t forget that, upon requesting a review copy of Arma 2: Combined Operations, Bohemia sent one my way and ended their email with “Enjoy the DayZ mod.” Such is the popularity of the mod, one that’s showing just why PC gaming has stayed afloat during this period of strong console domination. The community has embraced this basement mod. There’s countless videos on YouTube of people detailing their experiences in the game; meeting people, getting killed by said people because said people were dicks, accidentally eating beans while having their face gnawed off by zombies – wait, these are my experiences.

Anyway, for those lucky bastards who’ll be at E3 in LA this year, DayZ creator Dean Hall will be sitting alongside Czech Arma 2 dev team Bohemia Interactive answering any and every question at booth 457. If you’re heading there, don’t miss out on the chance to meet a man who, in my opinion, has truly changed the course of online PC gaming. (In the right direction, unlike Diablo III).

Oceania represent! You’d think, with a Kiwi creator, there’d be more ANZ servers. Just a side note.

source:BI PR


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