Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats trailer released


Hungry for a smothering of Katy Perry with your Sims 3? Can’t wait to get your greedy paws on EA’s upcoming expansion, Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats? Well, good news for you! A new trailer featuring the sugar-coated add-on has been released. This trailer showcases some of the new venues, objects, and outfits that will be available – as the press release puts it, Sweet Treats is “loaded with more stuff than ever seen before in a stuff pack.”

“Choose to add a little sprinkle of Katy Perry’s style to your Sims’ neighborhoods and towns or dramatically transform their worlds into a complete confection of sugary bliss.” 

On a side note, make sure you listen carefully to the backing track on that trailer. Yep, it’s in Simlish. Katy recorded the song in Simlish. The entire song.

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to play the crap out of this adorable little expansion and get myself some of Katy’s sweet treats. It’ll be available in Australian retailers on June 7th, and New Zealand the day after (because they’re a little slower than us, let’s admit it.)

source: EA PR


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