Patriotic new Arma 2 DLC incoming


Bohemia Interactive, developers of the renowned milsim Arma 2, have announced an upcoming DLC for the recently-revitalised-due-to-DayZ shooter, entitled “Army of the Czech Republic”. The DLC will heavily focus on the Czech army, including realistic units, weapons, and terrains, as well as a new single-player campaign. The DLC will see release on Q3 2012, for PC only (but so was the base game, so that should come as no surprise).

Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic is available for preorder already, at Bohemia’s online store.

The timing of this announcement might make some people suspicious that Bohemia are capitalising on the unprecedented success of the DayZ mod, but I believe that the dev team was just phenomenally lucky to have already had upcoming DLC in the works, and felt an announcement at the right time (ie in the height of the DayZ craze) would truly give an old game new wings. Good on them.

Oh, and it’s nice to see some patriotism that ISN’T from the United States.


source: BI PR


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