Special Achievement: Free To Play

The next award to be given out on this night of nights is the Special Achievement award for Free to Play games. Unlike any other year, 2012 saw a huge push forwards by free to play games, both on mobile platforms (as was expected) and PC (as wasn’t so expected). Steam’s embracing of free to play games mid-2011 proved the catalyst for what was a fantastic year for the budgeting gamer. So, what game rose above them all to win Select Start Media’s Special Achievement award for Best Free to Play game? f2p Making this decision was much harder than I originally expected. When this game came out way back in April, I’d immediately decided to make this category and award it to Tribes. But then came Blacklight: Retribution, and PlanetSide 2, and I started playing Stronghold Kingdoms. All of a sudden, I wasn’t so sure. But Tribes was the first F2P game that embraces the “free” label without emphasizing the Pay to Win side-effect of free games. Coupled with the creative new gameplay mechanics it brought to the table–Tribes isn’t just your regular multiplayer FPS–I really had no choice but to give this award to this game.


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