Special Achievement: New IP

This second award to be given out is another special achievement award, given to the best new IP that was released in 2012. For those of you uninitiated, IP stands for Intellectual Property, and in this context essentially means “franchise” or “game series”. 2012 was an exceptionally impressive year for new IPs, contrasting heavily against the sequel-laden 2011. But amidst the hordes of new IPs that saw the light this year, there was one that stood head and shoulders above the others. What was it? I present to you the winner of the Select Start Media Special Achievement Award for Best New IP (click the pic):

new ip

I really had no other choice. Despite some other fantastic new IPs coming out in 2012–Sleeping Dogs, War of the Roses, Mark of the Ninja, Deponia (just to name a few)–Dishonored was by far the stand out title. Everything about it felt fresh, from the combat to the setting, even down to just moving around the world. Sure, the plot was a bit stale, but that was made okay, particularly due to Dishonored being the first “open-world” level-based game in which I’ve not felt like the open world is really just a couple of different pathways. No, in Dishonored, there wasn’t just a couple of different corridors–due to the game’s new mechanic, an entire world of possibilities was opened up. It’s the first time I’ve felt truly free in a level-based game. Next time: improve the plot, ditch the faceless protagonist, and kick the swamp level in the arse. Then we’ll have ourselves one hell of a game.


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