Special Achievement: Stealth

The fifth award of Select Start Media’s big night is not dedicated to a genre, per se, but more to a “style” of video games. That’s stealth. Stealth games can come in any form–they can be triple-A potential action romps, such as Hitman: Absolution, they can be solely based on that old trope of staying away from cameras and lines of sight such as Stealth Bastard, or they can involve sneaking around to avoid almost certain death, as you’ll find in DayZ. Undisputably, this year was a huge leap forward for stealth gaming in general. So what game is most deserving of Select Start Media’s Special Achievement award for Stealth?



I’ve said this for other awards earlier this evening, but this was an incredibly hard choice to make. 2012 really was a massive year for stealth games, both triple-A titles and indies. But, despite all the fantastic options I had to choose from, Mark of the Ninja was the game that prevailed. Stealth games rely on movement, and this game absolutely nailed everything about that. The controls are responsive, slick indicators ensure that guesswork never comes into play, and the animation is to die for. In any case, despite the stiff competition, there was only one deserving winner of the Select Start Media’s Special Achievement award in Stealth, and that was Mark of the Ninja.


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