Special Achievement: What Happened To 2012?

This award is dedicated to the best game that… no, wait, that’s not right. The real reason I’m giving this award out is this. This time last year I was writing for a website called MMOMFG.com (don’t bother, it doesn’t exist anymore) and we were asked to write about our two most anticipated titles of 2012. My second choice was Kingdoms of Amalur, which came out and was rather mediocre. But my first choice was the winner of this award–which, let’s not forget, was originally scheduled for a 2011 release date before being pushed back to 2012, and, now, 2013. So, rather than write it up on another “most anticipated games” list, I’m simply giving it an award.

The winner of Select Start Media’s highly coveted “Wait, where the bleeding fuck did 2012 go?” (okay, I might have appropriated it in the image) is:

what happened


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