Action Game of 2012

2012 was a brilliant year to be a video gamer. This fifth genre-specific award is for the Best Action Game of 2012–and, yet again, it was a horribly difficult choice for me to make. Have a peek at the nominees here before taking a look at the winner below!



I was so, so close to uploading a photograph of Spec Ops: The Line. Like, I actually made the image, then changed my mind. That’s okay, though, because I’m sure I’ll be using it later on tonight. Dishonored, like I said in its previous acceptance speech, is a fantastic–and, more importantly unique–take on the action/stealth genre. But why didn’t The Line receive the honour? Well, this is for the best action game. Its action really wasn’t very good. The sand mechanic was far too contextual, and the actual gameplay itself was no more than average. Thus, the award goes to Dishonored, for having the best action in an action game. Am I still making sense?


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