Multiplayer of 2012

Now it’s time for the coveted Best Multiplayer in a Game from 2012 award! First, as always, check out the nominees here before clicking the image below! You’ve refreshed your memory with regards to the nominees? Good. Now, time for you to find out which of our fantastic nominees will walk away the victor, clutching an imaginary trophy for the Best Multiplayer in a Game from 2012!


DayZ may not have been the most polished game I played this year (last year, technically, but fuck you). It may not have been the most accessible title, and yeah, you needed a decent rig to even run the thing. But damned if DayZ wasn’t, hands down, the best multiplayer experience of 2012. I know what you’re thinking and I agree with you–what about Journey, Chivalry, and War of the Roses? And DayZ will see a standalone release in 2013, so why am I including it in the end of 2012 list? The fact is, DayZ is a truly revolutionary step forward for multiplayer video games as we know them. The idea of giving the player essentially a sandbox in which to craft their own character is a huge step forward for multiplayer. For that alone, this game is fully deserving of the award.

Special mention, of course, goes to close runner-up Journey, which was equally revolutionary in the multiplayer space in its own unique way.


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