Puzzle Game of 2012

Welcome to the first of the Select Start Media Best of Genre 2012 Awards! The genres we’ll be including are Adventure, Role-Playing, Action, Strategy, and Puzzle, as well as Best Multiplayer and Best Soundtrack. Nominees are all available on Select Start Media’s Facebook page. To kick things off, this first award is for the Best Puzzle Game of 2012. And the award goes to…


I had a couple of serious decisions to make with awarding this one. Gateways was an interesting, unique, and brain-melting puzzler, but its faults outweighed its positive qualities a bit too heavily. Difficulty isn’t the sole¬†important quality for a puzzle game, as Gateways seemed to think. Quantum Conundrum was my other option, yet while it was a very enjoyable title, its focus on jumping skill got on my nerves more often than it should have. No, it’s the latest adventure of Hershel Layton that takes home the first Best of Genre award this year–Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is pure puzzling goodness. No one could play this title without simultaneously smiling and sporting thought-induced wrinkles.


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