Role-Playing Game of 2012

Award two of the Best of Genre awards is for the Best Role-Playing Game of 2012! There were a number of great RPGs released this year–check out the nominees at our Facebook page. But what’s going to take home the cake?

role playing

In five years time, it’s likely that the only reason we’ll be bringing up this winner in conversation will be to discuss the controversial three-hued ending. Which is disappoinging–from start to finish, Mass Effect 3 is both an amazing game in itself and a fantastic conclusion to one of the greatest trilogies of all time. My only major gripe, in fact, was the necessity (sort of) to play multiplayer in order to progress the singleplayer campaign. That said, I’m a indoctrination theorist–the way I see it, there’s indisputable evidence to suggest that ME3 could have one of the best endings of all time. Maybe it’s just cause I don’t want to believe the other choice. I had some great times with some of the other nominees, in particular Torchlight II and Dragon’s Dogma, but Mass Effect 3 was one of the most brilliant gaming experiences I’ve had all year, and for being a brilliant conclusion to such an amazing series, only it deserves to win the Best RPG of 2012 award.


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