Soundtrack of 2012

Here are the two oddball awards, for Best Soundtrack and Best Multiplayer in 2012. I typed them in that order, so why not do them in that order? First off, you should go check the nominees here, and then click the picture below to find out what game received Select Start Media’s award for having the Best Soundtrack in a Game from 2012!


This winner has a lot of things going for it. It’s been aeons since such pure comedy gold has been present in a classic point-and-click. But, most of all, it’s got a killer soundtrack. Closely behind were Mass Effect 3 (say what you want about the ending, the soundtrack was damn near perfect) and Journey, because, well, Journey was amazing, but huzzah! In the end it was Deponia that prevailed–all the way through both games released in 2012, Deponia’s soundtrack never missed a metaphorical (or literal, I suppose) beat.


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