Special Achievement: Mobile

Back to the awards! Welcome to night two of Select Start Media’s night(s) of nights. The first award of the night is the Special Achievement award for Mobile games. This one is a highly subjective award that doesn’t go to the “best” mobile-exclusive of the year, but rather to the one that helped further mobile gaming as we know it (as in–I love Kairosoft, but they’re not going to win). The recipient of this totally enamoured award is:


There’s plenty of stock standard mobile games available, the likes of which we’ve seen since smartphones became the norm a couple of years ago. Since then, no game has really capitalised on any aspect of the mobile platform other than the touchscreen. Zombies, Run! is a brilliant blend of both well-written zombie action and a practical, feature-filled run tracker. When you duck out for a jog, all you need to do is load up the latest episode of Zombies, Run! and a full cast of voice actors will interact with you as if you are “Runner 5”, a supply-collector for a safe haven in a zombie apocalypse. Every now and then, you’ll find a horde of zombies on your tail, and have to speed up to evade them.

Zombies, Run! is probably the most positive result thus far of the growing trend of gamification. You can track your runs and supplies online with great phone-internet connectivity, but it’s really the genuinely great story that’s the main drawcard here. If the groaning zoms and need to collect supplies for the Abel Township isn’t enough to motivate you to do your morning jog, as well as the for-beginners app Zombies 5K, then it’s likely nothing will.


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