Fourth Outstanding Game of 2012

The fourth Outstanding Game award is upon us! This is another one that might knot some knickers–have a look at the winner of the coveted award by clicking on the image below!

outstanding game

Amongst other things, 2012 was the year of the mediaeval arena brawler. Well, not really, but there were two released this year at approximately the same time, making 2012 the year of the mediaeval arena brawler in my head. Most of the praise that I’ve heard, however, was directed to the winner’s direct competitor, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. And, yes, Chivalry was fun, but there was something about WotR that keeps me coming back. Partly it’s the amazingly deep customisation options, partly the sublime balance, and partly the great combat mechanism (once you get the hang of it). This year, both Chivalry and WotR showed that multiplayer, large-scale brawlers didn’t have to suck–only WotR showed that they didn’t have to suck harder. I dunno. I just enjoyed it more. It felt more real. Crap now I’ve lost my good closing line.


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