Second Outstanding Game of 2012

The Outstanding Game award, for those of you who haven’t clued on, is for those games who we at Select Start Media felt were absolutely amazing, but haven’t yet received an award at our night of nights. Thus, we created this category to give them recognition. The winner of the second Outstanding Game award (in no order) is:

outstanding gameI will praise this game until the day I die. This is one of the finest achievements in video games of all time. In fact, the sole reason that this didn’t win the overall Game of the Year award was its poor gameplay–Spec Ops: The Line, at its core, is a mediocre over-the-shoulder shooter. But this game won me over with its amazingly written, hard hitting storyline that gets you to question the morality of what you do in regular brown military shooters. Spec Ops: The Line is an absolutely fantastic game, and fully deserving of the Outstanding Game award.



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