Third Outstanding Game of 2012

The winner of this third Outstanding Game award might have more than a few of you up in arms, but it’s a game that I thoroughly enjoyed and definitely a game that deserves some sort of recognition. And the winner is…

outstanding game

Okay, I admit that it’s got a horrible name. And maybe the graphics weren’t as good as they should have been (although the lighting was gorgeous). But Zombi U could have been a huge failure–the Red Steel of the Wii U–and it wasn’t. In fact, Zombi U ended up being a surprisingly huge step forwards for survival horror. That’s right, folks, this is a AAA survival horror game that actually feels like survival horror. One wrong move and you’re gone. Set in post-zompocalyptic London, Zombi U is a sublime blend of Dark Souls and Condemned that will see you hide behind your couch more than any other triple-A game of the year. You may not agree with me–but, if so, you probably haven’t played it. Zombi U was a fantastic game, and well deserving of the Outstanding Game award.


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