Fifth Outstanding Game of 2012

Sorry, boys and girls! I forgot two very worthy winners of the Outstanding Game last night. The two upcoming award winners are very different games, and many of you might not agree with at least one of them, but they are two games that did a huge amount to further the games industry and deserve some form of accolade. The first winner–and fifth overall Outstanding Game winner–is:

outstanding game

Okay, so I’m sure you’ll all agree with this one. In fact, I had a commenter on Facebook tell me that this was his overall game of the year, and I’m sure that there are many others echoing this sentiment. Yes, despite its devilish difficulty (somewhat enhanced by it, rather) FTL: Faster Than Light captured the heart of many a gamer this year. Its excellent soundtrack, charming aesthetic, creatively told story and, most importantly, multi-dimensional, engrossing gameplay, ensured that FTL was always going to be a success. The real reason that it’s been honoured with an Outstanding Game award, however, is the fact that FTL was the first true video game success story from Kickstarter. It was proof that crowd-funding can be truly successful. For that (and the fact that it’s an amazing game doesn’t hurt), FTL: Faster Than Light is the recipient of this belated Outstanding Game award.


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