Sixth Outstanding Game of 2012

That brings us to the final award (I mean it this time, I promise) before the ultimate Game of the Year award for 2012. This is the sixth (and final) (and possibly most controversial) Outstanding Game award to be given out to games from 2012. And the award goes to…

outstanding game

So, who called this one? To get the desired screenshot for the award image above, I simply played through the entire game again. Why not? After all, it’s only a ten minute experience. The thing about Thirty Flights of Loving, however, is not how short it is, even if that’s what people seem so keen to talk about. No, the thing that makes this game so superb is how it simultaneously accomplishes so much and so little in that time frame. There is an unprecedented amount of depth going on in this game–nothing has been included accidentally. Not even a single pixel was put into frame on a whim, or simply because the developer couldn’t be bothered. Thirty Flights is a precise, succinct, and pithy experience (did I use that word correctly?) that tells more story in its fifteen minutes that an absurd number of triple-A games tell in “eight to ten hours”. For polarising the gaming community and proving that a huge amount can be accomplished in less time than it takes to drink a cup of tea, Thirty Flights of Loving deserves the final Outstanding Game award of 2012.


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