Biggest Disappointment of 2013

2013 was awash with disappointments for many. Even titles that weren’t absolute failures still left a little something to be desired, whether that be a smoother online launch or a more consistent gameplay experience (non-coincidentally, that’s my miniature-review of GTA V). Then there are the titles that every gamer thought they knew what to expect, assured by the continuing development (or lack thereof) of previous series entries that 2013’s rendition would surely match that same level of production value and cheap amusement. There really is only one series I could be talking about right now so let’s controversially get on to it. The biggest disappointment of 2013 is:

Call of Duty: Ghosts


Call of Duty has always been fun. Some renditions have used a moderately enticing plot or interesting characters to enhance the experience but realistically the only reason to play any CoD that has ever existed is for the dumb fun of it all. As a one-man mute legend you kick the butts of foreigners and care very little for any ramifications. Fun. The development team behind Ghosts seems to have taken the universal call for series innovation as an invitation to break the mould of enjoyable, operational and logically-unchallenging CoD fun and create a greatly underwhelming experience ripe with poor decisions, predictability and ill-chosen parallels to greater stories that helps to taint the entire 10 hours that could possibly be milked from two discs with a bad taste that remains, even into 2014.

No one ever promised CoD: Ghosts would be any good, but there was some expectation amongst most that it would at least provide some brainless, cathartic enjoyment, as CoD has always done in the past. That this promise was broken and what was delivered to my TV set proved to be boring from start to finish and even beyond is what makes this the biggest disappointment of 2013. Be proud, Infinity Ward, Raven Software, and Certain Affinity, for developing a title even one of your dearest defenders despises. Of course, congrats to Activision as well. Admirable work.


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