Role-Playing Game of 2013

And the award for best role-playing game of 2013 goes to…

Pokémon X/Y


There were only a few real contenders in this category for 2013, but damn were they strong competitors. Ni no Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch nearly took out the title for its amazing art style, soundtrack and charm, but it was beaten out by two games that encouraged many to purchase a 3DS just so that they could play them and lured old gamers back to the gaming world. The winners are of course Pokémon X & Y, games that provided a much-needed breath of fresh air into a series that was in such dire need of it that the prospect of being able to walk diagonally was enough to get hearts racing. It was the inclusion of additions such as this, the debut into 3D animation and immersive battle scenes, coupled with nostalgic throwbacks to the original game and its starters that earned Pokémon the title of best RPG. It was a true testament to what can be achieved when the balance between old and new is just right.


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