Ghost of a Tale: Early Access Preview

The greatest heroes often come from small beginnings. Some of fiction’s most epic tales are told not about the strongest warriors or the grandest knights but about the unsuspecting champions, the ones who don’t choose to embark upon a great journey but are thrown onto that path against their will.  Ghost of a Tale, an action-RPG from developer SeithCG sets out to tell one of these stories as it follows the plight of Tilo, a minstrel mouse on a quest to escape from prison and find his lost love, Merra. The game may only be in early access, but it’s easy to tell from the start that this will be a grand and dangerous adventure for this small lionhearted mouse.


The most important proverb I have ever heard.

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Batman – The Telltale Series Episode One: Realm of Shadows

Batman. The Bat. The Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne. Reinvented by many a filmmaker, comic writer and games company over the years, but somehow his story still manages to hold interest for both creators and fans alike. As a hero with a heavy reliance on technology he fits easily into the role of a game protagonist, his expansive skillset and collection of gadgets making taking on the role of this caped crusader a thrilling and varied experience. The Arkham series allowed players to step into the shoes of Batman the action hero, but it (like many adaptations of Batman) didn’t have a whole lot to say about Bruce Wayne. We know what kind of choices Batman would make in his fight for justice, but what about Bruce Wayne? What would Bruce do? Masters of choice-driven games Telltale have taken on the challenge of answering these questions in their latest title Batman: The Telltale Series. But can they do it? Or have they bitten off more than they can chew?

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Sometimes life gets in the way of the important things–the important things being playing video games. Recently this has caused me to spend a lot of time stuck on trains, and not enough time playing video games. So I have taken to playing mobile games. I’ve never really been a big mobile gamer, as I have always had phones with awful battery lives, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Train Games reviews will focus on three main criteria: battery life, internet connectivity and whether or not it can keep my interest for at least 30 minutes. All games are played on a Sony Xperia Z2.

Train games will be rated as follows:
✔: Suitable train game
✖: Unsuitable train game
–: Okay train game

If you have any train game recommendations for me, send me a tweet at @BrittA2211.

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I’d imagine that deciding on a name for a video game would be an arduous task; the single most important image element of a product that has taken years of devotion; the first impression; the ultimate reduction of the entire experience into a single phrase. I don’t know how developer Coffee Powered Machine were inspired, but their upcoming title Okhlos has nailed the game-naming game. Okhlos is a Greek word. It’s English translation is “mob”. That one word is introduction enough for the self-described “angry Greek mob simulator” Okhlos, in all of its ridiculousness, chaos and charm.

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In a world of greyscale, a child stands alone. Their silent surroundings hint at the terrors that lurk both in the shadows and right in front of their eyes, but despite their fear, they are unshaken. A hint of red in their otherwise unremarkable outfit breaks through the black and white and shows the viewer that their story is one of importance. No, I’m not talking about Schindler’s List. No, I’m not describing Limbo, another game that would easily fit those first two sentences of the description. Instead, this is the beginning of Limbo developer Playdead’s second black and white dystopian platformer–but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a repeat of their last success story. Inside has its own story to tell, and boy is it one heck of a story.

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RunGunJumpGun Preview

RunGunJumpGun Game LOGO

Ahh, yes; hyper-difficult platformers. The 2D platforming genre has always brimmed with games that require pixel perfect jumps and unwavering, split-second judgement to survive increasingly ridiculous obstacle courses. RunGunJumpGun is a stripped-down take on the punishing performer genre that sees its release on 31st August, and I’ve had the chance to play through roughly the first half of the game this week.

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