2012 Awards

Our 2012 awards were handed out between the nights of January 3rd and 9th, 2013. For convenience’s sake, links to each award are collected here. Once you get to an award’s page, click on the badge to see the winner. And enjoy!

Special Achievement: 2011 Game

Special Achievement: New IP

Special Achievement: Dark Horse

Special Achievement: Free To Play

Special Achievement: Stealth

Special Achievement: Community’s Choice

Special Achievement: What Happened To 2012?

Special Achievement: Mobile

Puzzle Game of 2012

Role-Playing Game of 2012

Adventure Game of 2012

Strategy Game of 2012

Action Game of 2012

Soundtrack of 2012

Multiplayer of 2012

First Outstanding Game of 2012

Second Outstanding Game of 2012

Third Outstanding Game of 2012

Fourth Outstanding Game of 2012

Fifth Outstanding Game of 2012

Sixth Outstanding Game of 2012

Nick’s Game of the Year

Brendon’s Game of the Year

Game of the Year


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