Nintendo Classic SNES on sale via

This Wednesday, perennial sales site (formerly Catch of the Day) will be having it’s Mid Winter Melt Down Sale.

Nestled in amongst other weird and wonderful (but mostly weird) things you didn’t know you needed, is the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES, for $129!

Those who missed out earlier have been given a second chance, however past experiences with Catch sales, plus the ever so vague “LIMITED STOCK” sign could be a recipe for a melt down.


News: Head of Xbox Phil Spencer to Deliver Keynote Presentation at EB Expo 2016

For his first ever Australian appearance, head of Xbox  Phil Spencer is set to deliver a keynote presentation at the 2016 EB Expo. Spencer and other Xbox developers will present on Xbox’s new features and hardware on the Xbox console, as well as the “greatest exclusive Holiday title line-up.”

Spencer’s keynote will be at 11am on Friday 30th of September. You can read the full press release below.

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Anima: Gate of Memories

The Bayonetta games are some of my favourite games of all time. Period. This is one of those things people will learn about me quite quickly–in a discussion on games, it’s just a matter of time before Bayonetta gets mentioned. Bayonetta 2 made the Wii U console a ‘must buy’ for me. When I started playing Anima: Gate of Memories, there I was once again controlling a cool, nimble lady in a manner that reminded me of Bayonetta. Needless to say it made a good first impression on me. I felt right at home with the fluid, combo-driven combat that relied so heavily on the implementation of well-timed dodges. It was very familiar.

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“The world ended the day the bombs fell.” Right from the start of their newest offering Shardlight, Wadjet Eye games warn that the story about to be told is a grim one. Following up from the noir cyberpunk masterpiece that was last year’s Technobabylon, the studio is once again exploring a somewhat familiar fictional setting: a post-apocalyptic society destroyed by nuclear war. I praised Technobabylon for being more than its genre, but did Shardlight carve its own niche in the crowded world of apocalyptic fiction? Well, sort of.


Just a sweet little tune to skip to.

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News: Pokémon Go Plus has a release date!

While many players were disappointed that the Pokémon GO wearable device wasn’t available at launch, the announce of Pokémon GO Plus has come at a time where some outlets are reporting a severe drop in players – even going as far as to suggest the app is dying.

Pokémon GO does have issues; the repetitiveness of the game being one of them. With a high battery consumption, people were left wondering if it was worth keeping the app open just to catch a hundred Pidgeys, and attention has turned back to other apps.


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Pokémon Shuffle to give every player 10,000 coins and 30 hearts

You could be forgiven for forgetting about Pokémon Shuffle. Pokémon’s other mobile game became a bit of a desolate place once Pokémon GO was released. For those who don’t know, Pokémon Shuffle is a freemium, match three puzzle game. Which is just a fancy way of saying that it is sorta Candy Crush but with Pokémon. You make friends with other players (up to 30), and they can send you mini-hearts once a day to keep you playing more.

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